About Us

We are a small company based in Seattle, WA. We moved here in 2018 from Cleveland, OH.

How We Started

We started off in OH by being the contract expert. We could address anything from networking, load balancing, firewalling, wireless to getting the new app you bought to work with your backend. Over time we wrote a lot of little task automatons as they were needed.

What We Do

We make automation.
These are custom to your needs and processes.

This is an engagement. We come in and watch what you do. We are looking primarily for repetitive tasks. Once those are identified we then collect the actuall processing of that function. Start to finish. We then write a sensor which is the entry point for the automation, and an actuator that performs the tasks. We do this repeatedly as we find candidate tasks, and working with and through your organizational processes.

We are in fact replacing people here. What you do with all those people who suddenly have nothing to do is something you need to consider.

What We Do NOT do

We do not do staff augmentation. We replace people with automation. We don't want to be a NOC technician. We want to replace the entire level 1 tier in your NOC with automation.

And then we want to replace every demand process you have, with automation.

The question to you is this:

"How many level 1 technicians across your organization do you want to fire and replace with automation?"

The other way to phrase that question is, "How many people in your orgnaization simply perform tasks without thinking?" All of these should be automation, not humans.

Where did Inventory come from?

Over the years we've made production changes to somewhere near 1000 different networks. Every network has a point in time when you have to purchase the next round of maintenance. Each time this happens everyone runs around like headless chickens trying to create an inventory spreadsheet. Three years later that spreadsheet still exists, it's just not trusted beyond about 85% anymore. This is a truly universal issue. So we wrote automation whose only task is to take the inventory of the network.

Version 1 of that only handled Cisco gear. Version 2 is where we made the jump to vendor agnostic. Version 3 is where we made the jump to a compiled C program that greatly increased our ability to run multiple instaces, and dramatically increased the speed. Currently we are shipping version 4. In this version we are now target software version agnostic.

We build other tools based on customer needs. Are you ready to replace your entire NOC level 1 staffing with automation? Are you fed up enough with being attacked that you are willing to make the changes necessary to immunize your network? We have a design that will completely immunize your network and systems. Are your projects in jeopardy because of how long it takes to implement things? We can automate your demand processes to create instant provisioning.

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