Inventory - the first fully automated CMDB

This is the one tool everyone needs because everyone has a maintenance contract.

You may only need this information once every three years, but every time you purchase a new maintenance contract you need perfect inventory. This tool gives you perfect inventory, in an hour.

How does it work?

If you were going to conduct an inventory of your network, one of the options you have is to hire a group of consultants to come in. They would then type on keyboards for a month or so, and deliver to you a spreadsheet.

How about if we use that same technique, but use automation instead of human consultants.

Inventory does just that. It behaves exactly like a level 1 technician.
It logs into the target using credentials you gave it and runs seven 'show' commands.
It then parses the output from those commands and loads the information into the CMDB.

The advantage we have over human consultants is that it takes our process less than 30 seconds to inventory a target. One process can handle up to 150 targets every hour, and we can run any number of processes. We can handle a network of any size simply given enough processes to run.

And because we are logging into the target we are then strictly limited on the bandwidth of that connection. Even 1000 active processes would only be 20% of your typical gigabit link and we limit the INV nodes to 100 processes each. We can't DDoS your internal network. We are noise.

What information is gathered?

The seven main commands are:

What can be inventoried?

This is mostly a question of syntax, which falls into classes. Some manufacturers have only one class. Others have several. The trick here is that the class name can be derived from whatever that target displays for its "get version" command.

The currently supported classes are:

How to get Inventory

This is the trial version It is limited to 150 devices and is free. You should at least turn this loose on your lab. You may be shocked at what it finds.
For a supported subscription, the cost is a simple $5 per device per month.
We also offer a one-time service. This is also a flat $5 per device billed in two parts.

So if you are about to renew your maintenance contracts and need a 100% accurate inventory - We can help, and we can do it in an hour.

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