What we do

We create Automation based on your processes

Engineers really hate doing monotonous, repetitive tasks. Automation really excels at those.

Examples of automation we have created in the past

How do we work?

If you have a process in mind we can just jump to the part where we start invetigating the process. In this case we watch your people perform the steps involved, and then start breaking them down into repetitive tasks. Once we have the individual tasks, then we can start writing code which performs those same tasks. Once we have a release candidate we reengage your people to have them verify that the software is performing as expected.

If you don't have a process in mind, then we can come in and just watch. We are looking for anything repetitive, and we have examples of where to look.

Easiest place to begin is the NOC

You already have everything needed to start writing automation software here because you hand every new technician the same sheet of paper. This is the one with the top 20 things that might go wrong, and what to do about that. You just take those 20 and start writing. We've done this three times.

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